Activities and Organisations

Activities and Organisations Contact
Bible Reading Rota Robert Wright
Catering Committee/Events' Support Isobel Pilkington
Christian Aid Janet Crystal
Church Cleaning Jacqueline Waugh
Church Flowers Marjorie Goldsmith
Church & Society Council Sharon Shields
Church Intimations & Order of Service Robert Wright
Church Treasurer Alistair Shields
Church Website Michael Thomson
Crèche TBA
Door Duty Rota (AM&PM) Robert Wright
Fabric Convenor Brian Stalker
Film Club
Friendship Hour Beryl McNeil
Funeral (Opening Church & Heating) Ray Pilkington
Girls' Brigade Joyce Paton
Guild Secretary Margaret Coe
Hall Bookings Jacqueline Waugh    
House Groups Minister
Life & Work Magazine Isobel Pilkington
Newsletter Susan Lindsay
Notice Boards Susan Lindsay
Open Door Café Isobel Pilkington
Outside front of church flowers & back garden Claire Young /Isobel Pilkington
Prayer Coordinator Charlotte Crawford
Presbytery Elder Alistair Shields
Press Officer Mark Waugh
Safe Guarder Brenda Thomson
S Club Stella Ross
Session Clerk Brenda Thomson
Sound System and Youth Support Worker Joshua Irwin
St Mary's Readers Charlotte Crawford
Sunday Tea Rota Stella Ross
World Mission Representative Neil Ross
Youth  (Teens) Lorna Croally